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Welcome to our Web Site. We can provide you with a tincture press, a cheese press, an herbal tincture press, a fruit press, an herb press, a wine press, or a cider press. We feature powerful, time saving presses for people that want to make their own high quality herbal medicines, infused oils, fruit drinks and cheese with little waste or mess.
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  Presses- Herb Press, Tincture Press, Infused Oil Press, Cheese Press, Fruit Press, Cider Press and Grinders
    Powerful time-tested herbal medicine implement for pressing herbs into tinctures, infusions and more.
   Our herbal tincture press is handmade in the U.S.A. and it uses the same basic design as used in the 1800's for making
   herbal medicine.
   We also have beautiful quality, imported grinders, and a variety of imported presses (herb press, apple press, grapes press,
   cheese press, wine press, cider press and more).
   We have cotton bags for the tincture press, teas or herbal baths.
   Stainless canisters for the herb press or herbal medicine storage.
    and amber glass bottles with clear glass droppers in both 2 ounce and 4 ounce for storage of tinctures.
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  Herb Pressing Hints, Customer Comments and Related Web Site Links
   Did you know....bigger is not always better when you are pressing herbs.
  We also provide you with some other herbal web sites we think you might enjoy. Making your own herbal medicine can be   very rewarding.

Rich Gulch Products Company Profile
   Some information about the people who manufacture and sell this herbal tincture press.

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